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Nobody likes to feel anxious, but it’s a sad fact of life these days that many people are suffering with anxiety and the range of unpleasant symptoms that it brings. Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stressful situations, but prolonged or extreme feelings of nervousness and apprehension can be detrimental to health. Sleep problems, and physical symptoms such as exhaustion, tension headaches, increased heart rate and gastrointestinal disorders are just some of the conditions that can occur as a result of anxiety.

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The start of a new year is often a time when resolutions for self-improvement are made, whether it’s to shed a few pounds, cut down on alcohol or sugar, walk more, or generally make changes for a healthier lifestyle. Resolutions can sometimes be difficult to stick to however; changes can’t just happen overnight and adjustments may need to be made gradually for goals to be achieved. When it comes to a plan of action, tea is a great beverage to include as part of any health and fitness regime, and there are an amazing variety of fabulous teas to choose from.

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Do you ever find there’s a time in the evening when you’d really love a cup of tea, but then think better of it as you’re worried you won’t sleep? If so, you need deny yourself no more, as Tea-Direct has a great selection of decaffeinated teas, that are just as flavoursome as those containing caffeine, to drink at any time you like.

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For those who want to enjoy a flavoursome beverage that won't keep them awake at night, here are three new caffeine-free options from The Real Tea Company that we hope will promote sweet dreams!

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Chamomile teas (tisanes) have been used for thousands of years in many countries and cultures. The plant is one of the most ancient herbs known, and widely regarded as beneficial for a multitude of medical conditions. Its essential oils are also used in beauty therapies and aromatherapy. Throughout history, chamomile has been revered by the Ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, and believed to have magical and spiritual healing properties. In Anglo-Saxon times it was used in rituals in the belief it would ward off disease, and in the middle ages was strewn across floors and passageways to freshen the air. Spiritually, it has been used in pagan rituals in the belief it would promote positive energy.

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