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Tea Gift Hampers

Carefully selected teas and tisanes, lovingly packed in either black presentation boxes or luxury wicker hampers. Perfect if you're looking to try a wide variety of teas, or as a gift for the tea lover in your life. These gift packs offer huge savings over the individual prices of our teas, and are delivered direct to you via our courier.

Our Complete Collection of Tea Gift Hampers

If you’re looking for tea gift ideas, a Tea-Direct Gift Hamper is one of the best gifts you can choose for any tea drinker. Imagine how thrilled they will be when presented with an exciting selection of choice teas, beautifully presented in a stylish black presentation box or luxury wicker hamper. It’s a great gift to give if you want a tea related gift but are not sure which variety of tea to choose, and it also gives your recipient an opportunity to try varieties of tea they may never have tried before. When it comes to Christmas or birthday presents for tea lovers, there’s no better way to show someone you care than by surprising them with a glorious array of divine tea varieties, so they can pick and choose their brew from a selection of luxurious loose leaf teas in the months to follow.

Of course, tea gift hampers don’t have to be bought just as gifts for tea lovers; there’s no reason at all why you can’t spoil yourself with such a delightful treat, especially as a Tea-Direct loose leaf tea selection box offers huge savings over individual prices of our teas. Delivery is free and orders are delivered directly to you or your recipient by courier.

But which Tea Gift Hamper should I choose?

Tea-Direct has an amazing choice of tea gift hampers, showcasing a wide range of the very best tea flavours and characteristics from across the world, so you may find it difficult to decide which tea hamper you should choose. The tea selection gift set you opt for may depend on the individual tastes and preferences of your recipient.

Tea Gift Hampers
  • A Black Tea Gift Pack is a great choice for those who love traditional black tea varieties. This black tea set contains nine 125g packs of the finest, and most popular, luxury black teas, with their own unique and distinctive flavours, presented in a stylish black presentation box or luxury wicker hamper.
  • A Flavoured Tea Gift Pack will suit the person who enjoys refreshing, sweet and fruity flavours and aromas. Our flavoured tea gift set contains nine 125g packs of different flavoured teas and has the option of a stylish black presentation box or luxury wicker hamper.
  • A Green and Rooibos Tea Gift Pack is a carefully chosen selection of our finest green and rooibos teas, to suit the rooibos tea lover and those who love the delicate and subtle notes of refreshing green teas. This selection includes nine 125g packs, with a choice of stylish black presentation box or luxury wicker hamper.
  • The Around the World in Eight-Tea Days Gift Pack offers a diverse selection of fine teas from different countries of the world. This loose leaf tea gift set is perfect for the globetrotter, explorer, or anyone who wants to discover some exciting new flavours. The tea hamper contains five 80g packs and three 60g packs, all presented in a stylish black presentation box.
  • The Ultimate Herbal Tea Gift Pack will be appreciated by people who prefer decaffeinated beverages, and those wishing to benefit from the health giving properties of herbal teas. This herbal tea selection contains one 60g pack, five 50g packs and two 30g packs, offering a range of fragrant, floral, citrusy, zesty, and naturally sweet flavours and aromas, all packed up in a stylish black presentation box.
  • A Tisane Gift Pack offers an absolute riot of fabulous fruity flavours, that can be served hot or cold, offering caffeine-free options to be enjoyed at any time of the day or evening. Refreshing and thirst-quenching, our tisane gift set includes nine 125g packs, with the option of a stylish black presentation box or luxury wicker hamper.
  • The Best of British Tea Gift Pack is a carefully chosen selection of the finest teas with a British connection. It includes a number of excellent breakfast teas that are ideal for setting you up for the day ahead. This refreshing and flavoursome tea assortment consists of eight 80g packs of luxurious tea, presented in a stylish black presentation box.
  • A Rooibos Tea Gift Pack is a fabulous treat for rooibos tea lovers, with its diverse assortment of complementary flavours. Rooibos is known for its health benefits, and is often a preferred option for those wishing to avoid caffeine. This rooibos tea selection box comprises eight 60g packs of delicious tea, all wrapped up in a stylish black presentation box.
  • The Mint Tea Gift Pack offers a great selection of the finest teas with a minty connection. So many people love the cool and gentle flavours of mint, that help calm the body and relax the mind. This mint tea gift box set is made up of one 80g pack, two 60g packs and five 50g packs of minty delights, presented in a stylish black presentation box.
  • Our Just Desserts Tea Gift Pack offers all the glorious flavours of well-loved desserts but without the calories! It’s a variety tea pack to please those with a sweet tooth and who love indulgent treats. In this tea selection gift set, you will find scrumptious flavours of caramel, cherry, almond, chocolate, mint, butterscotch, coffee, amaretto, lemon, apple, apricot, peach and more. There are three 80g packs and five 60g packs, all tidily packed in a stylish black presentation box.
  • A Fruit Blends Gift Pack is a selection of creative blends of black or green teas with complementary fruity flavours, producing deliciously refreshing beverages. This fruit tea selection box is full of fresh, fragrant, exotic, delicate, sweet and citrusy flavours, in four 80g packs and four 60g packs. It is presented in a stylish black presentation box.
Tea Gift Hamper Tea Varieties Included
Black Tea Gift Pack Earl Grey Tea, Russian Caravan Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Assam Leaf Tea, English Afternoon Tea, Darjeeling Leaf Tea, Ceylon BOP, Nilgiri BOP Tea, Keemun
Flavoured Tea Gift Pack Mango Flavoured Tea, Vanilla Flavoured Tea, Orange Spice Flavoured Tea, Wild Cherry Flavoured Tea, Lemon Flavoured Tea, Almond Flavoured Tea, Earl Grey Citrus Tea, Orchid Tea, Strawberry Flavoured Tea
Green and Rooibos Tea Gift Pack Jasmine Tea, Gunpowder Tea, Vanilla Green Tea, Sencha Japanese Cherry Tea, Sencha Orange Tea, Young Hyson Tea, Sencha Lemon Tea, Rooibos Tea, Rooibos Earl Grey Tea
Around the World in Eight-Tea Days Tea Gift Pack Kenya Lelsa FBOP Black Tea, China Pai Mu Tan White Tea, Ceylon Gunpowder Green Tea, Tanzania Luponde Tea, Java Santosa BOPS Tea, Nepal Junchi Green Tea, Malawi Satemwa BP1 Tea, Rwanda Rukeri BP1 Tea
Ultimate Herbal Tea Gift Pack Hibiscus Herbal Tea, Lemongrass and Mint Herbal Tea, Chrysanthemum Flowers Herbal Tea, Nettle Leaf Herbal Tea, Egyptian Chamomile Herbal Tea, Raspberry Leaf Tea, Bamboo Tea, Jasmine Flower Tea
Tisane Gift Pack Apple and Lemon Fruit Tisane, Berry Cocktail Fruit Tisane, Blood Orange Fruit Tisane, Christmas Cookie Fruit Tisane, Boysenberry Fruit Tisane, Tropicana Fruit Tisane, Strawberry Cream Fruit Tisane, Pina Colada Fruit Tisane, Orange Grapefruit Wellness Fruit Tisane
Best of British Tea Gift Pack English Breakfast Tea, Mayfair English Breakfast Tea, Scottish All Day Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea, English Royal Tea, Everyday Yorkshire Tea, Best Lancashire Tea, Scottish Breakfast Tea
Rooibos Tea Gift Pack Clanwilliam Rooibos Tea, Cherry Almond Rooibos, Mint Chocolate Rooibos, Coffee and Amaretto Rooibos, Totonac Vanilla Rooibos, Sunshine Burst Orange Rooibos, Fruit and Blossom Rooibos, Cacao and Red Rooibos
Mint Tea Gift Pack Together Mint Tea, Spearmint Tea, Peppermint Herbal Tea, Gunpowder Mint Green Tea, Lemongrass and Mint Herbal Tea, Chamomile and Mint Herbal Tea, Mint Chocolate Rooibos, Moroccan Mint Black Tea
Just Desserts Gift Pack Bakewell Tart (Cherry Almond Rooibos), Cherry Pie (Kaika Cherry Sencha Green Tea), After Dinner Mint (Mint Chocolate Rooibos), Creme Caramel (Caramel Cream Black Tea), Coffee and Amaretto (Coffee and Amaretto Rooibos), Lemon Tart (Lemon Gunpowder Green Tea), Apple Pie (Apple and Cinnamon Black Tea), Peach Cobbler (Apricot and Peach Black Tea)
Fruit Blends Gift Pack Lemon and Lime Green Tea, Citrus Lemon Black Tea, Palm Paradise Black Tea, Lemon Gunpowder Green Tea, Apricot and Peach Black Tea, Apple and Cinnamon Black Tea, Kaika Cherry Sencha Green Tea, Summer Strawberry Tropical Fruit Green Tea

How to purchase a Tea Gift Hamper

Tea Gift Hampers

Once you have decided which loose leaf tea selection to buy for the tea lover in your life or yourself, you are only a couple of clicks away from making a purchase. Some tea hampers are automatically sent in a black presentation box, but if the one you choose has the option of a wicker hamper, just select your choice before adding to your cart. If you would like your order to be delivered directly to your recipient, their address details can be entered at checkout, and there is an option to include a message to the recipient. If you have a discount code, this can also be added at checkout.

Please note that discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with subscription products.

Popular loose leaf teas included in our Tea Gift Hampers

Below are a selection of popular teas that are included in some of our Tea Gift Hampers. You can browse the full range of our loose leaf teas and tisanes .

Assam Leaf Tea (included in our Black Tea Gift Pack)

A large leaf black Indian tea that produces a rich amber brew and yields bold, full flavours. A delicious tea that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

“This tea brand is far superior in quality to normal shop-bought tea. It has a deep and pleasant malty taste, much to my satisfaction. It's the only thing that gets me going in the morning!”

Michael P. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jasmine Tea (included in our Green and Rooibos Tea Gift Pack)

A subtly sweet and fragrant semi-green tea, created through a careful process of picking closed jasmine flowers on late summer afternoons, and storing them until they start to bloom, releasing delicate, complex flavours and aromas.

“Very Nice delicate flavour. Introduced a friend to it who also enjoyed it.”

Marilyn R. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Raspberry Leaf Tea (included in our Ultimate Herbal Tea Gift Pack)

A delicious tea made from dried raspberry leaves, that yields slightly grassy aromas when infused. Being caffeine-free, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day or evening.

“Good quality tea, mild and fresh taste, not like other herbal teas that have a funny or bittery after-taste.”

Dorina B. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mango Flavoured Tea (included in our Flavoured Tea Gift Pack)

Made with luxury black tea, marigold blossoms, and flavoured with fruity and floral mango, this well-rounded tea reveals a bold aroma and slightly sweet taste.

“I use this to make iced tea lemonade and it's delicious.”

Mrs T. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lemongrass and Mint Herbal Tea (included in our Mint Tea Gift Pack)

A wonderful combination of lemongrass, hibiscus petals, curled mint and liquorice work perfectly to produce a sweet and slightly sharp tea that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

“A lovely light and refreshing drink that I use as the basis of an iced tea and it's delicious. The overall taste is mint with a hint of lemon grass”

Gemma M. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Coffee and Amaretto Rooibos (included in our Rooibos Tea Gift Pack)

This coffee flavoured tea is made with luxury rooibos, natural dried mango, yogurt crisps, sour cherries, red thistle and natural flavours. A fragrant, invigorating beverage and indulgent treat.

“Sounds weird but… this ‘tea’ is unusual and wonderful. My coffee drinking husband loves it. It has a lovely smooth flavour and is perfect after a meal or as a pick me up”

Christine H. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Scottish All Day Tea (included in our Best of British Tea Gift Pack)

A quality blend of Indian and Kenyan black teas, producing a full-bodied cup with fruity, floral and malty flavours and hints of oak. An energising, refreshing drink to be enjoyed at any time of day.

“This is a real treat. Delicious taste, my visitors loved it, they came for tea every day!”

Alison H. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


What Makes a Tea-Direct Gift Hamper the Perfect Gift?

If you’re looking for tea themed gifts, our Tea Gift Hampers are perfect for tea lovers as they offer a selection of the best quality loose leaf teas available, all beautifully presented, and can be delivered directly to the recipient, or to your own address. The teas in our tea gift sets include traditional favourites as well as more unusual varieties, so there is something to suit every taste.

Luxury tea sets are suitable gifts for any occasion, be it a birthday gift or a Christmas tea hamper, a Mothers’ or Fathers’ Day gift, a ‘thank you’ gift, or just a gift to show someone you care. It’s the gift that goes on giving as your recipient enjoys the treat of luxury teas each day, and discovers new and exciting flavours that they may never have come across before.

Are Tea Gift Hampers value for money?

Tea Gift Hampers are amazing value for money. For example, if you compare the cost of the loose leaf tea selection included in our Black Tea Gift Pack with individual prices of teas included, you will have saved a massive £33.92 by purchasing a Tea Gift Hamper. Tea Gift Hampers can also be bought on a Subscribe & Save Subscription, meaning you can save even more, and have a regular discounted supply of some of the finest teas the world has to offer.