About Us

Since 2007, we’ve been selling freshly roasted coffee at Coffee-Direct.co.uk, and via our subscription service at MySubs.co.uk. In 2017 we decided to expand our range of loose leaf teas and launch Tea-Direct.co.uk, with the aim of supplying the largest range of teas and infusions direct to your door.

We currently stock around 100 varieties of our own brand Tea-Direct.co.uk teas at our dedicated operations centre, and work with a number of other suppliers to offer an incredible extended range. We keep our costs - and therefore our prices - low by utilising our extended network to ship directly to you. This also means that your order is packed and shipped as quickly as possible without the need for a collation centre. On occasion this may mean that you receive more than one parcel from your order, however we believe that receiving your teas as quickly as possible is more important than waiting for a single delivery.

Tastes are of course subjective, and much of the enjoyment with tea is trying different types to track down your ideal brew. With hundreds of different brewing methods also, we try not to prescribe exactly how our teas should be prepared although we are of course always available to offer advice should you need it – simply email us at admin@tea-direct.co.uk at any time.

We love hearing from our customers, and use a third-party reviews system to publish honest, impartial reviews of our products and services. If you can spare a few moments to fill out an emailed review of your experience, it greatly helps us improve, as well as helping other customers find their ideal tea.