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It’s that time of year when the countryside is basking in the warm summer sunshine, hedgerows are bursting with vibrant and colourful displays of succulent berries, and ripe, red strawberries and raspberries are just waiting to be picked. Berries are full of goodness, and have many health benefits as they are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Their rich colours and fresh, fruity flavours work so well in both hot and cold beverages. Tea-Direct has a wonderful assortment of fruit teas and tisanes that, as well as tasting fabulous, will keep you hydrated through the warmer months.

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Blue skies and sunshine may be a most welcome sight, but when the climate becomes sticky and hot, we mustn’t forget the importance of keeping hydrated. Cold water is undoubtedly the best drink to do this, but it’s a well-known theory that hot drinks like tea can actually help cool you down on a hot day, as it’s thought they can increase the body’s output of perspiration. If you can’t quite decide between water or tea, why not try something a bit different with a light and refreshing white tea?

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