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As the days get shorter and the weather gets chilly, we hope to avoid the coughs, colds, snuffles and sneezes that will inevitably surround us. As tempting as it may be, we can’t just shut ourselves away until spring, so are bound to be in environments where cold and flu germs lurk. Stuffy, heated buildings can create ideal conditions for germs to thrive, and crowded seasonal social events can help to spread more than just goodwill.

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It may be the season to be jolly, but it's not so much fun if you come down with a cold or flu. As well as the usual remedies to reach for on your road to recovery, there are a number of great-tasting teas that can contribute to your line of defence against infection, or help alleviate symptoms and keep you warm and hydrated, should you succumb to a cold or flu.

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