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Our Black Tea Gift Pack

With our Tea-Direct Black Tea gift pack, your favourite tea-lover can explore a wonderful range of our favourite black teas, sampling some of the finest flavours available from the world’s most celebrated tea-growing regions.

This carefully chosen selection includes rich Assam and breakfast teas, aromatic Earl Grey and delicate, fruity Darjeeling, bold blends, floral Keemun and wonderfully fragrant Nilgiri, for a truly diverse experience.

Black Tea Gift Pack - £39.99
This selection pack includes nine 125g packs of loose leaf tea, beautifully presented in a black presentation box, or a luxury wicker hamper.

Earl Grey
Offering up wonderful, fresh flavours of bergamot, Earl Grey is a delightful large leaf tea that, while typically served as a black tea, is just as enjoyable when served with milk. With flavours derived from oil extracted from the rind of the fragrant bergamot orange, Earl Grey makes for a distinctive, unique and very refreshing tea.

Russian Caravan
A pure China Black tea, made from a wonderful blend of Oolong, Keemun and Lapsang Souchong. Offering bold flavours, with a hint of Assam, Russian Caravan produces excellent strong, rich teas.

English Breakfast
Made from a rich blend of Assam, Kenya and Ceylon, this bold and full-bodied tea makes the perfect start to your day, but can also be enjoyed throughout the day as a winning accompaniment to light lunches. Perfect when prepared with milk and sugar, English Breakfast is a rich and robust favourite that is both versatile and full of flavour.

Assam Leaf
This large leaf tea produces a delightful amber brew that reveals bold, full flavours. Perfect when prepared with milk and sugar, Assam Leaf makes for a delicious tea that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

English Afternoon
Made from a delightful blend of Assam, Ceylon and Darjeeling, English Afternoon reveals delicate, complex flavours, and can be compared in flavour to the standard English Breakfast tea. English Afternoon is delicious when prepared with a splash of milk, or black with a slice of lemon.

Darjeeling Leaf
Produced in the warm, humid climates of West Bengal, where fresh, clean air imbues the leaves with delightfully floral aromas, Darjeeling Tea Leaf is an excellent, light tea that offers up delicate fruit flavours, which are characterised as Muscatel, in reference to the Muscat variety of grape.

Ceylon BOP
A full-bodied Broken Orange Pekoe tea, offering up delicious, slightly sweet flavours and a rich, deep colour, and made from carefully selected medium-sized leaves.

Nilgiri BOP
A small leaf, wonderfully fragrant tea from the Quinshola garden, which reveals the characteristic, well-rounded flavours of a Nilgiri. Medium-bodied, with the strength of an Assam, Nilgiri BOP can be enjoyed all through the day.

Creating a tea that reveals delicate fruity aromas and a subtly floral fragrance, Keemun is best served without milk or sugar, allowing the winey and fruity flavours to be truly experienced.