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Keemun Tea

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Sourced from the Qimen County of Huangshan City, Keemun is a black Chinese leaf that was first produced in 1875. Creating a tea that reveals delicate fruity aromas and a subtly floral fragrance, Keemun is best served without milk or sugar, allowing the winey and fruity flavours to be truly experienced.


China Black Tea


While we try to keep to the strictest standards in our treatment of allergens, please be aware that our factory handles nuts, milk and soy ingredients. Please check our ingredients lists for specific information on each tea.

Your Guide to Keemun Tea

Produced exclusively in the Qimen County of Huangshan City, in the Southern Anhui province of China, Keemun is a fairly new Chinese black tea.

First produced in 1875, Keemun quickly grew in esteem to become one of the most well-known teas to come from China, with a range of varieties being produced such as Keemun Mao Feng and Keemun Hao Ya.

Today, Keemun is particularly popular in the West where it is enjoyed both on its own and as a popular component in blended teas such as Russian Caravan tea.

Keemun is a wonderfully light tea that offers delicate, floral aromas and delicious, fruity, slightly winey flavours.

The History of Keemun Tea

Keemun tea has a relatively short history, especially when compared to certain similarly popular teas. In 1875, a civil servant by the name of Yu Ganchen was travelling the Fujian province of China in search of information about the production of black tea, in order to build on the existing production of green teas in the Anhui province and to find an alternative that could rival India’s own black teas. Yu Ganchen was successful in this task and Keemun quickly became one of the first black teas to be exported out of China, as well as one of the country’s most important black teas, with methods of Keemun black tea production becoming adopted across the Anhui region.

Keemun tea continues to be produced in the Qimen Country, where it takes its name from the English translated spelling of the region – “Qimen tea”.

How Keemun Tea is Produced


Keemun has continued to be produced in the Qimen County, Southern Anhui, and like many black teas it is made from the camellia sinensis plant. It is known to be a particularly versatile leaf, forming the base of several blended teas and combining well with a variety of flavour combinations, partly due to its low tannin content.

During the production of Keemun tea, the leaves are plucked and slowly withered during an oxidation process, which serves to remove moisture from the leaves. This process causes the Keemun tea leaves to change colour, from green to a dark brown, then finally to black, at which point the leaves are crisp to the touch. Leaves are then baked to remove the last of their moisture.

It is also during this oxidation stage the Keemun takes on its unique aromas and flavours, with delicate fruity notes and a subtle floral fragrance being revealed.

Types of Keemun Tea

Keemun Tea

Creating a tea that reveals delicate fruity aromas and a subtly floral fragrance, Keemun is best served without milk or sugar, allowing the winey and fruity flavours to be truly experienced.

Orchid Tea

The rolled leaves of this quality Keemun loose leaf tea produce a full-bodied aroma that is redolent of wild orchids, while sweet flavours of honey, plum, pine and sesame, and a beautiful dark amber colour, make it a real treat for tea lovers.

Russian Caravan Tea

Russian Caravan is a pure China Black tea, made from a wonderful blend of oolong, keemun and lapsang souchong. Offering bold flavours, with a hint of Assam, Russian Caravan produces excellent strong, rich teas.

Reviews of Keemun Tea

Below is a selection of comments from customers who have enjoyed our top-class Keemun tea:

“A top quality tea with a robust and earthy flavour which never fails to quench the thirst”

Paul B. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Really refreshing”

Richard G. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“I bought this for my wife, who wanted to upgrade from using tea bags at home. She loves the fragrance and flavour of this tea.”

Nigel T. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Rich flavour and good colour”

Richard S. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“This was my first purchase and wondered what the quality would be like but very happy. Also it was the first time I had drunk Keemun for a few years and forgotten how much I enjoy it”

David R. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


What Does Keemun Tea Taste Like?

Keemun is a light but complex tea that offers wonderful, characteristic flavours of stone fruit and distinct woody aromas, giving way to subtle malty undertones and a well-balanced finish. Floral fragrances are also present, along with slight honey and oak notes. When brewed, Keenum tea is a lovely dark amber, almost ruby-red colour. Because of its low tannin content, Keemun makes a very good base for several blended teas and combines well with a variety of flavour combinations, such as in smoky Russian Caravan tea.

How Should I Prepare Keemun Loose Leaf Tea?

Keemun loose leaf tea is best made with freshly boiled water, preferably filtered or bottled. If using a teapot, first fill it halfway with hot water to warm it through, then carefully dispose of the water. Use one rounded teaspoon per person and allow the leaves to steep for 2-3 minutes, although you can steep for slightly longer without negatively affecting the flavour of the tea. Allow the leaves to brew at around 90-95°C. Keemun tea is usually enjoyed as a black tea, however you can also add milk to taste.

Where Can I Buy the Best Keemun Tea?

If you’re looking for the best Keemun loose leaf tea, Tea-Direct has a fine, high quality variety available, along with a selection of wonderful Keemun blended teas.

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