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convenient, Fill Your Own Tea Bags, tea bags -'s Fill Your Own Tea Bags make it possible to brew any one of our fabulous loose leaf teas and infusions with minimal fuss or mess.

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loose leaf, Pyramid, Tea Bags - is proud to present some exciting additions to our range in the form of luxury pyramid tea bag options for three of our most popular loose leaf teas. These silky smooth, biodegradable tea bags are perfect for taking to work or away when you travel, or just convenient for minimal fuss and mess when brewing tea at home.

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From its origins in China thousands of years ago, tea has now become the most popular beverage to be consumed worldwide, and today there are so many exciting tea choices available – a whole world of tea to explore!

Whatever type of tea you choose, it's important to know how best to brew it to fully appreciate the unique characteristics and delicate flavours contained within its leaves. Although methods of brewing tea can vary as to type of tea and personal taste, there are a few guidelines to go by.

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