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Tea Bags or Loose Leaf - Your Choice

Tea bag are proud to present some exciting additions to our range in the form of luxury pyramid tea bag options for three of our most popular loose leaf teas. These silky smooth, biodegradable tea bags are perfect for taking to work or away when you travel, or just convenient for minimal fuss and mess when brewing tea at home. Choose from these three favourites:

Lemon Balm Tea Pyramid Tea Bags deliver the refreshing citrusy flavour and aroma of lemon balm leaves. A delicious, caffeine-free beverage to be enjoyed at any time of day.

English Breakfast Tea Pyramid Tea Bags make a rich and flavourful brew with energising properties to set you up for the day ahead.

Decaffeinated English Breakfast Tea Pyramid Tea Bags offer a great caffeine-free alternative, with wonderful light, floral flavours and delicious fruity notes.

Don't forget to look out for additional tea bag varieties to be added to our range in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, you can always make your own tea bags from any one of's wonderful loose leaf teas and sumptuous infusions with our Fill Your Own Tea Bags, made from natural materials with no chemical additives.