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Jasmine tea is Chinese speciality tea that is either made with a blend of tea and jasmine flower buds and petals, or just tea that has been naturally infused with their scent. Green or white teas are typically used to produce this intensely fragrant tea, but jasmine tea can also be made with black or oolong teas.

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Blooming Teas, Flowering Teas -

Flowering, or blooming, teas are composed of thin strips of white or green tea wrapped around sweet edible flowers, and worked into delicate bulb-like balls before before being baked at low temperatures to dry. These handmade tea flowers are created by skilled artisans in the main tea-growing regions of China. Flowers with wonderful floral notes, such as jasmine, amaranth, chrysanthemum, hibiscus, osmanthus, marigold and lavender, are used in this unique process.

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