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Jasmine Tea - Floral, Fragrant and Refreshing

Small white flowers and green foliage

Jasmine Jasminum officinale is a deciduous climbing plant of the olive family, Oleaceae, that originated from Persia (now Iran), and was thought to have been introduced to China during the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). Jasmine tea was first created in Fuzhou, the capital city of China’s Fujian Province. Fuzhou jasmine teas are regarded as some of the finest; the area is renowned for producing premium teas from high quality Camellia sinensis tea leaves, and the jasmine flowers used are grown there too. The subtropical climate and mild winters of the region, with ample rainfall, are perfect conditions for both jasmine flower and tea cultivation, with tea trees growing at higher altitudes and jasmine flowers usually growing in wetland areas. Tea leaves harvested in spring are heat-dried, and stored until the delicate, white jasmine blooms are ready for processing. They are picked on summer afternoons when their buds are tightly closed, then kept in a cool environment until nightfall, when the buds open to release their exquisite scent. The ‘scenting’ process allows the tea to absorb the highly fragrant, natural oils of jasmine flowers, as the tea leaves and opened jasmine buds are layered and left for at least four hours, or blended overnight. This process is repeated for particular teas; the tea leaves used in some of the highest quality jasmine teas may have been infused up to nine times. After the scenting process, the tea is dried before being packed.

Jasmine flowers have symbolic meanings in different cultures; in some they symbolise love and purity, in others, beauty and sensuality, or good luck. In some parts of China, it’s customary to serve jasmine tea when receiving guests, and for centuries, jasmine tea has been revered for its therapeutic benefits. It’s also a popular fragrance in perfumery, and as an essential oil, is thought to help lift mood and have calming qualities.

Tea-Direct has a selection of pure jasmine teas, and also some delicious blends of teas that contain jasmine flowers. Here are some you may like to try:

Jasmine Blossom Green Tea is sourced from the Wuyi Mountains in China’s Fujian Province. Made with premium green tea and jasmine petals, it has a delicate sweetness and lovely flowery aroma.

Dragon Phoenix Pearl Jasmine Tea is produced from premium China green tea and buds of jasmine flowers, which are hand-rolled into incredible phoenix eyes, before being gently perfumed more than five times over with aromatic jasmine flowers. A mellow tasting tea with lingering sweet notes.

Jasmine flower buds are also a popular ingredient in Tea-Direct’s delightful Flowering Teas, that look amazing as they infuse when steeped in a glass container.

When infusing jasmine tea, 1 teaspoon (2-3g) of tea should be used for 200 ml of water, preferably filtered, at 66ºC-85ºC (150ºF-185ºF). Infuse for 1-3 minutes, and not too long, as the tea may become astringent. Tea leaves may be re-steeped once again if desired. Our full range of fabulous Jasmine Teas can be viewed here