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Our 12 Tea Gift Pack

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for the tea lover in your life, then you can’t go wrong with our 12 Tea Gift Pack.

This wonderful selection of twelve of our finest teas from around the world is sure to please tea aficionados, or novices who are new to the delightful world of loose leaf tea.

The selection includes bold black teas, delicate green teas and refreshing Rooibos teas sourced from some of the most well-known tea-growing regions around the world: Sri Lanka, China and India, Kenya, Japan and South Africa.

Showcasing a diverse range of flavours and delightful aromas, our 12 Tea Gift Pack comes neatly packaged in an attractive box and includes a helpful booklet that gives information on all of the featured teas.

And, as our gift packs do not include any receipts or invoices when delivered, you can choose to send them directly to your recipient.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe Tea
Made from golden-tipped Pekoe leaves and offering up complex flavours, a subtle sweetness and a lovely crisp bitterness, Ceylon Orange Pekoe is best served as a black tea, but can also be enjoyed with a drop of milk.

Lapsang Souchong Tea
Sourced from the beautiful Wuyi Mountain region of China's Fujian Province, this fine black tea has a distinct smoky aroma and taste, created from methods used during the drying process, resulting in a delicious, well-balanced and robust tea.

Darjeeling Leaf Tea
Produced in the warm, humid climates of West Bengal, where fresh, clean air imbues the leaves with delightfully floral aromas, Darjeeling Tea Leaf offers up delicate fruit flavours characterised as Muscatel, in reference to the Muscat variety of grape.

Keemun Tea
Sourced from the Qimen County of Huangshan City, this tea reveals delicate fruity aromas and a subtly floral fragrance. Keemun is best served without milk or sugar, allowing the winey and fruity flavours to be truly experienced.

Assam Leaf Tea
Sourced from the state of Assam in India, the world’s largest tea-growing region, Assam black tea is a full-bodied, strong, malty tea that frequently forms the base of breakfast teas.

Superior English Breakfast Tea
Made from a wonderful blend of Ceylon, Assam and East African teas, Superior English Breakfast brings together the best qualities from each tea to create a well-rounded, full-flavoured beverage: Assam tea offers a characteristic maltiness and strong, bold flavours, while Ceylon brings subtle sweetness and a lovely crisp bitterness.

Rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free herbal plant that grows in South Africa. Revealing rounded sweet and fruity flavours, refreshing herbal notes, and a mild and smooth finish, Rooibos can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Known for its distinct earthy flavours and sweet, fruity notes, Rooibos is particularly low in tannins, making for a light, well-rounded drink.

Kenya BOP Tea
Produced in the tea growing regions of Kenya, where ideal climates, volcanic soils and warm weather create an excellent environment for growing, Kenya BOP offers a rich red liquor and strong, well-balanced flavours that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Sencha Japanese Cherry Tea
This delicious blend offers up distinct flavours of deep cherry for a tea that is slightly sweet, fruity and very refreshing, and which can be enjoyed all through the day. Sencha is the most common type of Japanese tea, invented in the 18th century by a tea farmer, Nagatani Soen, who devised a way of drying tea leaves using steam, resulting in leaves that are notably fresh and fragrant.

Earl Grey Tea
Earl Grey tea gets its wonderful flavour and aroma from the addition of oil of bergamot, extracted from the rinds of bergamot oranges (Citrus bergamia). This citrus fruit is a cross between a lemon, lime and a bitter orange and is green or yellow in colour; they are grown commercially in Calabria, Italy. Although its taste is quite acidic, it complements the full-bodied flavour of black tea perfectly, providing a fresh, citrusy scent with sweet, floral and spicy notes.

Jasmine Tea
Subtly sweet and wonderfully fragrant, Jasmine tea is created by picking closed jasmine flowers in the late summer afternoons, storing them until they begin to open in the evening, and blending them to sit overnight, resulting in delicate, complex flavours and outstanding aromas.

Ceylon Dimbula BOP Tea
Sourced from the historical Dimbula planting region, one of the six principal tea planting regions in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Dimbula BOP reveals bold and fresh flavours, with a smooth taste that is enhanced beautifully when prepared with milk.