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Four Fantastic New Tea Blends for You to Try

Tea-Direct would like to introduce a selection of fabulous new tea blends, each one created with a glorious mix of luxury tea leaves, offering complementary flavours to delight the senses.

Pack of Strong Breakfast Blend Tea Strong Breakfast Blend Tea balances a blend of high grown Indian Assam with full-flavoured Kenyan fannings. When combined, the result is a tea with a robust character and rich malty flavours. A great tea to set you up for the day ahead.
Pack of Ceylon Smooth Blend Tea Ceylon Smooth Blend Tea is a milder blend that marries the slightly citrus flavours of Ceylon tea leaves, sourced from the highlands of Sri Lanka, with the maltiness of Assam leaves. Together, they make a smooth and refreshing brew.
Pack of Spring Burst Green Tea Spring Burst Green Tea is a lively, fresh and vibrant blend, made with China green tea that has been harvested during spring, when the leaves are packed with vitamins and amino acids. A most flavoursome and fragrant tea to be enjoyed at any time of day.
Pack of High Grown Kenyan Blend Tea High Grown Kenyan Blend is a mellow blend of choice Kenyan tea leaves grown in the southern part of the country, where an ideal climate, fertile soil and good moisture levels provide the perfect growing conditions. A well-balanced, full-bodied tea to drink on its own or with a splash of milk.