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Our Popular Subscription Teas

Lapsang Souchong
Sourced from the beautiful Wuyi Mountain region of China's Fujian Province, this fine black tea has a distinct smoky aroma and taste, created from methods used during the drying process. Leaves are dried over pine wood fires to develop complex woody notes, complementing their natural flavours, and resulting in a delicious, well-balanced and robust tea.

Subtly sweet and wonderfully fragrant, Jasmine tea is created through a careful process of picking closed jasmine flowers in the late summer afternoons, carefully storing them until they begin to open in the evening, and blending them to sit overnight. The delicate, complex flavours and outstanding aromas are brought to life as the jasmine flowers begin to bloom, making for a very special cup of tea.

Assam Leaf
Sourced from the state of Assam in India, the world’s largest tea-growing region, Assam black tea is a full-bodied, strong, malty tea that frequently forms the base of breakfast teas.

Sourced from the Qimen County of Huangshan City, Keemun is a black Chinese leaf that was first produced in 1875. Creating a tea that reveals delicate fruity aromas and a subtly floral fragrance, Keemun is best served without milk or sugar, allowing the winey and fruity flavours to be truly experienced.

Earl Grey
Offering up wonderful, fresh flavours of bergamot, Earl Grey is a delightful large leaf tea that, while typically served as a black tea, is just as enjoyable when served with milk. With flavours derived from oil extracted from the rind of the fragrant bergamot orange, Earl Grey makes for a distinctive, unique and very refreshing tea.