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Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea originating from the Wuyi Mountains and Anxi district of the Fujian Province, with a history going back over centuries. Made from the leaves, stems and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, Oolong teas are in a class of their own, being neither green nor black teas, but somewhere in between. The characteristics of a particular Oolong depend on how long the leaves have been allowed to oxidize, creating a diverse range of flavours. Teas that undergo 10-45% oxidation are more like green teas, with fresh and delicate flavours and aromas, whereas those further oxidized by 40-70% become more like black teas; full-bodied, with woody or sweet caramel notes, and toasty aromas. Leaves will vary in colour, from different shades of green to golden brown and darker.

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