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SUKI Tea Makers - Delicious, Responsibly Sourced and Certified Teas

Our range of teabags from SUKI Tea Makers are produced using responsibly sourced, certified teas and are packaged using plastic-free materials, so that SUKI can deliver a delicious cup of fresh and aromatic tea, while supporting farmers and working to protect the environment by reducing emissions.

Sourcing the Teas

SUKI Tea Makers uses open and responsible sourcing methods to produce their range, which helps to protect the farmers who grow their teas, improve the lives and working conditions of staff, and improve their local environment.

As only certified teas that have been hand plucked are selected for use, SUKI can ensure that the integrity of the chosen tea plants remains intact.

All of the hand-plucked, certified teas are shipped to SUKI HQ, an eco-factory that is 100% powered by solar and renewable energy!

At SUKI HQ, all of the teas that arrive are subjected to rigorous quality controls and taste tests, when both dry and wet, to ensure that the best flavours and aromas make their way into every cup.

Plastic-Free Packaging
SUKI’s range of pyramid teabags are plastic-free and made from paper yarn, and a material called Soilon, a naturally derived product made from corn starch, that is fully compostable and can be disposed of in food waste collections.

Picks from Our SUKI Teabag Range

Breakfast Tea – From £28.99

A well-rounded blend of quality hand-plucked leaves from gardens in Kenya and Rwanda. Wonderfully strong yet balanced, Breakfast Tea reveals the warming characteristics of East African teas and produces a bright amber and brownish colour cup, with full-bodied flavours that go excellently with a splash of milk.

This Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified tea was winner of Great Taste Awards and the ‘Irish Food Oscars’ Blas na hEireann.

Earl Grey Blue Flower Tea – From £28.99

An exciting spin on a classic, Earl Grey Blue Flower tea is a wonderful, delicate blend of East African black tea and the finest Italian bergamot oil, with the addition of bright blue corn flowers, resulting in a tea that reveals exquisite floral flavours and a subtle bergamot character.

Awarded one star in the 2021 Great Taste Awards and a GOLD award in the Blas Na hEireann Awards 2021.

Green Tea Sencha – From £28.99

This smooth, gentle Chinese green tea is wonderfully fragrant when brewed at the ideal temperate of 70-80 degrees for about 3 minutes. Sencha tea is produced through a very traditional technique that keeps the flavour packed in the tea, resulting in a light and fresh cup that can be enjoyed all through the day.

Chamomile Tea – From £28.99

This herbal tea infusion is made from 100% pure Chamomile blossom with the whole heads of the flowers used in production, resulting in a cup that delivers beautifully sweet flavours and a lovely honey-golden colour.


Red Berry Tea – From £28.99

This red berry tisane is a punchy infusion of mixed berries, fruit and hibiscus, made with no actual tea but plenty of delicious, fruity flavours. Made with real chunky pieces of fruit, this tisane is tart and juicy and can be enjoyed all through the day.