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caffeine-free, Liquorice Mint Toffee Herbal Tea, Moringa Passionfruit Tea, Tropical Burst Fruit Tea -

Relaxing and Soothing Treats from The Real Tea Company

For those who want to enjoy a flavoursome beverage that won't keep them awake at night, here are three new caffeine-free options from The Real Tea Company that we hope will promote sweet dreams!

Pack of Liquorice Mint Toffee Herbal TeaLiquorice Mint Toffee Herbal Tea is a combination of three well-loved flavours that can all be tasted individually. This delicious herbal tisane is a wonderful soother for a sore throat and may also be beneficial for digestive health.

Pack of Moringa Passionfruit TeaMoringa Passionfruit Tea carries the goodness and subtle flavour of moringa leaves in a medley of delicious fruit and root flavours. This award-winning tea is perfect served iced, or as a warm and comforting evening drink.

Pack of Tropical Burst Fruit TeaTropical Burst Fruit Tea is an exciting mix of fruity flavours and the contrasting chocolatey notes of nutritious acai berries. The rich, crimson liquor it produces when infused gives it an attractive warmth. A great drink to unwind with.

So whatever the weather, or hour of the day, you can reach for one of these delightful blends to sooth your soul and relax your mind.