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Kenyan Teas - Distinctive and Delicious

Tea GardensSome of the highest quality African teas are produced in Kenya. Its tea growing regions are perfect for tea cultivation, with rich, volcanic soils and a climate that provides plenty of sunshine and rainfall, to help produce excellent teas with the most distinctive flavours. Most of Kenya’s tea gardens are located in mountainous areas, where tea grows at altitudes of 1,500 to 2,000 m.

Tea has been cultivated in Kenya since 1903, when it was introduced by GWL Caine, a European man who brought Camellia sinensis seedlings from India and planted them in the town that is now known as Limuru. By 1924, tea was being grown commercially in the area by the company Brooke Bond. Kenya is now one of the world’s largest tea growers, producing mostly black teas, as well as green, yellow and white.

Tea-Direct has a great selection of fine teas from Kenya to suit all tastes:

Pack of Kenya PF TeaKenya PF Tea is made from small, highly aromatic leaves that grow in the ideal climates of Kenya’s tea growing regions. It yields an attractive red liquor when infused, and has a rich, strong flavour. A great tea to drink at any time of day.

Kenya Kosabei TGFOP Black TeaKenya Kosabei TGFOP Black Tea is made from leaves that are sourced from Nandi in Kenya. Made from flowery orange pekoe leaves, it yields a bright, golden coppery colour, and has a smooth and rich malty flavour with a satisfying finish.

Pack of Tinderet White TeaKenya Tinderet White Tea is a light and subtle white tea that reveals delicate floral flavours and a lovely grassy aroma. Being low in caffeine, it can be enjoyed during the day or to relax with in the evening.

Pack of Kenya BOP TeaKenya BOP Tea is a luxury black tea with strong, well-balanced flavours. It offers a rich, red liquor when brewed, and can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Pack of Kenya Milima GFOP Black TeaKenya Milima GFOP Black Tea reveals delicious Bordeaux-like flavours, and has wonderful floral and malty notes.

Kenya Lesla FBOP Black TeaKenya Lelsa FBOP Black Tea is a light, but well-rounded black tea sourced from Kericho, Kenya. It offers subtle notes of jam, with a delicate floral character and long, smooth finish.