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Celebrate National Tea Day with Tea-Direct!

This Friday 21st April we celebrate National Tea Day, a day when tea lovers across the country can come together and bask in the beauty of the nation’s favourite drink!

First celebrated in 2016, National Tea Day has become an annual event, spurring a variety of events, classes, fundraisers and meet-ups with one thing in common – a love of all things tea.

The nation’s relationship with tea is long and eventful, filled with tea aficionados and enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and innovators who have shaped the way the country sees this much-loved leaf and led to the rich and varied world of tea that we live in today.

It’s Always Time for Tea!

“If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you;… If you are excited, it will calm you.”
William Ewart Gladstone (1865)

At Tea-Direct we have a tea for every time of day and all oocasions, bringing you bold and full-bodied breakfast teas, flavourful classics such as Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong, refreshing tisanes for those fruity iced teas, after-dinner green teas, caffeine-free rooibos and soothing, relaxing camomile tea.

Start the day the traditional way…
English Breakfast Tea
Made from a rich blend of Assam, Kenya and Ceylon, this bold and full-bodied tea makes the perfect start to your day. Perfect when prepared with milk and sugar, English Breakfast is a rich and robust favourite that is both versatile and full of flavour – no wonder it is an English staple!


A perfect lunchtime treat…

Earl Grey Tea
A quintessential English treat, Earl Grey is renowned for its wonderful, fresh flavours of bergamot, which are derived from oil extracted from the rind of the fragrant bergamot orange, making for a distinctive, unique and very refreshing tea.

Sit back with a refreshing iced tea…
Berry Cocktail Fruit Tisane
While it might be too much to hope for some British sunshine this National Tea Day, there’s always a good reason to sit back and chill with a delicious, refreshing iced tea. We offer a range of wonderful fruit tisanes that make an ideal base to an iced tea.
Try our Berry Cocktail Fruit Tisane, a rich coloured tisane made from a vibrant blend of hibiscus, elderberries and currants, offering a fantastic aroma and sweet, fresh flavours.

A bold afternoon pick-me-up…
Assam Leaf Tea
Hive yourself a revitalising boost with a strong, bold and full-bodied Assam. This large leaf tea produces a delightful amber brew that reveals bold, full flavours that are perfect when prepared with milk and sugar.

An after-dinner palate cleanser…
Japan Sencha Green Tea
A beautiful accompaniment to an evening meal or an aromatic digestif, our Japan Sencha green tea is delicate and well-rounded, offering lovely grassy notes, a hint of bitterness and a smooth finish.

Unwind in the evening…
Rooibos Tea
Made from naturally caffeine-free herbal plant that grows in South Africa, this wonderfully aromatic and relaxing tea is packed full of a unique mix of sweet and fruity flavours and herbal notes that are great to unwind with in the evening.

Get a great night’s sleep…
Chamomile Herbal Tea
A soothing and relaxing caffeine-free tea that is best served as it is or with a dash of honey, which can help you to fully decompress at the end of the day and send you off on a peaceful night’s sleep.