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Yunnan Tea

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This sweet and well-rounded tea offers soft and subtle flavours, and a lovely silky aftertaste, making it perfect for enjoying first thing in the day.


China Black Tea


While we try to keep to the strictest standards in our treatment of allergens, please be aware that our factory handles nuts, milk and soy ingredients. Please check our ingredients lists for specific information on each tea.

Your Guide to Yunnan Tea

This Chinese black tea, which is also known as ‘Dianhong tea’, is grown in the Yunnan Province of China, one of the country’s most important tea growing regions and sometimes referred to as ‘the birthplace of tea’. Yunnan tea differs in several ways from other Chinese black teas, such as the amount of leaf buds that show in the dried tea, while the higher quality Yunnan leaves are uniformly coated in golden-orange bud hairs.

The tea can also be classified using the Orange Pekoe grading system.

Often seen as a high-end, gourmet tea, Yunnan offers well-rounded, sweet and subtle flavours and is frequently used in a variety of blended teas.

The History of Yunnan Tea

Prior to the Han Dynasty, the teas grown in Yunnan were typically a form that is similar to the modern pu erh tea, with Yunnan being a relatively new tea to the region (production likely began in the early 20th century). As the name suggests, Yunnan comes from China’s Yunnan province, where pu-erh is still produced in large quantities. Yunnan tea also goes by the name ‘Dianhong tea’, a combination of the shortened name for the Yunnan province (‘Dian’) and ‘hong’, meaning ‘red’, a reference to the red liquor of the brewed tea. Yunnan is usually grown in mountainous regions, where the high elevations and climate promote ideal conditions for tea growing.

Yunnan tea has come to be associated with a range of health benefits, including:

  • Supporting weight loss – Yunnan tea has been studied for its purported ability to reduce fat lipids and promote digestion.
  • Alleviating nausea – it is believed by some that the fermentation process that takes place during the preparation of Yunnan tea causes certain compounds to be released, which may be effective in treating nausea.
  • Anti-inflammatory – it has been suggested that Yunnun black tea can aid in the reduction of inflammation and can help to treat infections.

Varieties of Yunnan Tea


Yunnan tea is produced in a range of varieties and often classified by the Orange Pekoe grading system:

  • Broken Yunnan
  • A relatively inexpensive variety, dark in colour, that has few golden buds and a fairly bitter taste.
  • This tea is classified as BOP in the Orange Pekoe grading system.
  • Yunnan Gold
  • Showing a balance of golden buds and black tea leaves, this variety is vibrant red in colour.
  • This tea is classified from OP to TGFOP in the Orange Pekoe grading system.
  • Yunnan Pure Gold
  • Made primarily from golden buds, this bright red tea offers sweet flavours and a subtle, gentle aroma.
  • This tea is classified from TGFOP to SFTGFOP in the Orange Pekoe grading system.
  • Golden Needle
  • These pure black leaves have no golden buds and create a brewed tea that is rich amber in colour.

Reviews of Yunnan Tea

Below is a selection of comments from customers who have enjoyed our top-class Yunnan tea:

“My favourite breakfast tea. Quite strong and a little smoky.”

Raymond P. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Lovely distinctive flavour which also mixes well with a good Nilgiri or large leafed Ceylon.”

Brian S. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“The perfect breakfast / break time cup of tea.”

Stuart W. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

“Great tea at a great price.”

Richard C. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


What Does Yunnan Tea Taste Like?

The flavours of Yunnan tea are subtle and nuanced and vary across varieties. Yunnan can be malty and chocolatey, sometimes with notes of spice and a lasting sweetness, with comparisons drawn to the flavours of a Keemun black tea.

Our Yunnan tea is sweet and well-rounded, making it perfect for enjoying first thing in the day.

How Should I Prepare Yunnan Loose Leaf Tea?

Yunnan tea should be prepared using freshly boiled water; filtered tap water or bottled spring water are the best options. Heat your teapot and cup by filling them with hot water and carefully pouring it out. Put 1-2 teaspoons of tea leaves into your teapot and 240ml of water, then allow the tea to steep for two minutes, while taking care not to over-brew the leaves as they may become slightly bitter. If your tea is a bit too weak, you can add a teaspoon more leaves next time you brew.

Where Can I Buy the Best Yunnan Tea?

When sourcing the best Yunnan leaf tea online, you need look no further than Tea-Direct to find some of the finest Yunnan loose leaf teas available.

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