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Help - Telephone Support

Why don’t you offer telesales or telephone support?

We took the decision some time ago to cease telephone support, as many online retailers have done. The simple fact is that the overheads of having a dedicated telephone support team mean that we inevitably need to pass the costs on to our customers, and we’d much rather offer the very best prices we can, whilst offering rapid support via email.

Additionally, our support team can help multiple customers concurrently, rather than only being able to deal with one customer at a time. Often, we need to speak to our roastery, couriers or suppliers to answer customer queries, so working in a parallel, email-only fashion means that we can help as quickly as possible without needing to keep customers on hold for periods of time.

We are a small team, and the flexibility of being able to multitask means that we can offer such propositions as next day delivery on orders placed before mid-day on weekdays and roasting to order, whilst maintaining excellent customer service levels.

We're always here to help. Feel free to contact us via email or post.

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