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Top Teas for Autumn

Autumn teas

As the nights begin draw in and the days grow a bit colder, it’s a perfect time to stock up on some warming, comforting teas that are well-suited to the autumn months. We have picked out some of our best autumn teas that all display some of the favourite flavours and aromas of the season.

It’s also important to look out for your health and wellbeing as the seasons change, so why not take a look at our range of teas that may help you with cold and flu recovery during the shorter autumn days.

Our Autumn Picks
These choice teas are full of delightful, autumnal flavours and redolent of the changing season: apple and pear, warming spices such as cinnamon, cloves and cardamom, aromatic orange and sweet caramel, as well as seasonal favourites like Oolong and Chai.

It doesn’t get much more autumnal than Spiced Apple Fruit Tea. Made from a delicious blend of dried apples, hibiscus, dried ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and pepper, this reveals a lovely crispness that works perfectly with the warm spices, making for a lovely, sweet tea that can be enjoyed all through the day.

Another classic autumn fruit is on display in our Golden Pear Fruit Tea, a mix of sweet pear and apple pieces, combined with vanilla and rose blossoms, creating a wonderful fruity and floral tea that is caffeine-free and can be equally enjoyed both hot and chilled.

For a more earthy tea, why not try Golden Monkey Tea. This sweet and rich tea offers complex notes and flavours of savoury roasted apples, walnut, cocoa, palm sugar, rye and lingering spice notes. Or why not sample the deep raisin and ripe fruit aromas of our quality Oolong Tea, which offers lingering, sweet flavours and smooth, fruity notes.

If you’re looking for something on the spicier side, take a look at our wonderful Chai Spice Tea, a combination of quality Assam black tea, cinnamon and cardamom, ginger and cloves. This robust, warming tea offers complex, rich flavours and vibrant, autumnal aromas and is ideal to enjoy first thing on a chilly morning or as a midday treat.

For a lovely sweet treat, we have a an aromatic Caramel Cream Black Tea. Made from a blend of herbal flavours and real butterscotch pieces, this indulgent, luxurious tea is made for relaxing with during those autumn days. Or how about fresh, vibrant Orange Peel Tea, made with real dried orange peel pieces for a lovely, refreshing tea that is also caffeine-free.

We have plenty more delicious teas and tisanes that are perfect for the autumn months, displaying fruity, earthy flavours, complex spicey notes and warming aromas, available now at