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Three New Teas: Ceylon Silver Needle, Assam Gingia, Sencha Goji Berry

We have three wonderful new teas available now at Tea-Direct: a very special, rare Ceylon Silver Needles tea, a beautiful Assam Gingia, and a lovely, sweet Goji Berry Sencha.

Ceylon Silver Needle Tea – From £59.99
A truly exceptional white tea, made with very high quality handpicked, single origin buds from Sri Lanka. This rare white tea creates a luxurious champagne coloured tea, with fresh, floral aromas and delicate hints of pear, pine and honey.

Silver needle teas are often seen as among the highest quality tea leaves available, and are usually harvested during the First Flush period, between late March and early April.
Assam Gingia Tea – From £9.99
Smooth, full-bodied and malty, our Assam Gingia creates a beautiful golden liquor and a complex, rich tea that makes for a wonderfully robust breakfast tea and is delicious when prepared with milk and sugar.

Sourced from the Gingia Estate in India, Assam Gingia is a large leaf tea that reveals fresh aromas of stone fruit peel, notes of toasted grains, and a good amount of tannin that can be expected from a high-quality Assam tea.

These Assam leaves are grown in a region that offers ideal growing conditions: high levels of rainfall and daytime temperatures create the heat and humidity that allows the Camellia Sinensis plant to flourish.
Sencha Goji Berry Tea – From 11.99
A warm, sweet infusion that reveals wonderfully fruity and zesty aromas and a lovely warm yellow infusion. Refreshing and vibrant, with berry flavours, our Sencha Goji Berry tea is a green tea made with pomegranate and blue cornflower that offers a lingering sweetness and a rounded body.

Full of antioxidants, this lovely tea can give you a welcome health boost, and the natural sweetness of the goji berries and pomegranates makes this a great choice to enjoy as a refreshing iced tea.