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Desi Masala Chai Tea, Gin and Tonic Herbal Tea, Lemon Ginger Green Tea -

Three New Aromatic Delights from The Real Tea Company would like to introduce three more fabulous teas from The Real Tea Company, to energise, revitalise, or sit back and relax with:

Pack of Desi Masala Chai TeaDesi Masala Chai Tea is made from an ingenious blend of choice Assam black tea and warming herbs and spices. A well-balanced, comforting and invigorating drink to help you focus.

Pack of Gin and Tonic Herbal TeaGin and Tonic Herbal Tea offers a guilt-free pleasure, with its lively combination of aromatic and refreshing flavours. Being alcohol-free and caffeine-free, it offers an excellent choice of drink to share with friends at any time you like.

Pack of Lemon Ginger Green TeaLemon Ginger Green Tea is a refreshing mix of light and fragrant Chinese Sencha green tea with subtle citrusy and ginger notes, livened with delightful sunflower blossoms.

These three new teas all look good, taste good, and are sure to make you feel good!