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Chaykhana Special Blend Black Tea, digestive, Jasmine Chun Hao Green Tea, Summer Rose Herbal Tea -

Three More Teas to Please from The Real Tea Company has three more exciting additions to the range this week from The Real Tea Company, to possibly tempt your taste buds:

Pack of Chaykhana Special Blend Black TeaChaykhana Special Blend Black Tea is made from luxury tea leaves, and takes its name from the Azerbaijan word for 'tea house', conjuring up scenes of traditional tea ceremonies and the tea culture that the country is known for. This delicious black tea makes a robust brew and is a great accompaniment to sweet pastries and fruit.

Pack of Jasmine Chun Hao Green TeaJasmine Chun Hao Green Tea carries delightful jasmine notes, being made from green tea leaves that have been layered with jasmine blossoms over several nights. This refreshing tea is good to drink for increased focus and concentration, and is also believed to promote good digestion.

Pack of Summer Rose Herbal TeaSummer Rose Herbal Tea is a wonderful caffeine-free tisane, made with beautiful wild rose buds that are found in the lush forests of the Anhui Province of China. Its delicate scented flavour and aroma make it the perfect soothing drink to unwind with at the end of the day and promote a good night's sleep.

Whatever the mood or occasion, one of these teas is sure to please. Why not make your choice today?