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Our Tea-Direct Gift Vouchers

Send the tea lover in your life the perfect gift - a gift voucher!

Choose from the values available and send on to the lucky recipient to spend across our range at their convenience. Gift vouchers are emailed immediately to your own address, and can be printed or emailed on to the recipient.

Our gift vouchers are available in five values: £10, £15, £25, £50 and £100.

Give the gift of delicious, loose leaf tea with our 12 Days of Christmas gift pack, a wonderful selection of our favourite teas that includes bold black teas, delicate green teas and refreshing Rooibos teas.

These teas are sourced from some of the most well-known tea-growing regions around the world: Sri Lanka, China and India, Kenya, Japan and South Africa.

Black Tea Gift Pack - £39.99
A carefully chosen selection of our finest black teas, containing nine 125g packs of loose leaf tea, beautifully presented in a black presentation box or luxury wicker hamper.

Contains: Earl Grey, Russian Caravan, English Breakfast, Assam Leaf, English Afternoon, Darjeeling Leaf, Ceylon BOP, Nilgiri BOP, Keemun.

Tisane Gift Pack - £55.99
A carefully chosen selection of our finest tisanes:
Contains: Apple and Lemon,Berry Cocktail, Blood Orange, Christmas Cookie, Boysenberry, Tropicana, Strawberry Cream, Pina Colada, Orange Grapefruit.

Chinese Tea Set - £59.99
Create a stunning centrepiece for guests with this beautiful Chinese tea set and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and tradition of Chinese teamaking.

Containing a wonderfully crafted teapot, four cups, a jar for holding your fresh, loose leaf tea and a serving tray, this set harks back to the ancient Chinese tea culture and evokes the scenes of the earliest teamaking traditions, so that you can prepare and present your tea in the same way that it was first made.