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Christmas, festive, spicy, winter teas -

Never Mind the Weather, Stay Warm with Our Winter Teas

When that chill in the air tells us winter's on its way, we can start looking forward to enjoying the delightful flavours and aromas so characteristic of winter and the festive season. has a great selection of comforting winter teas with delicious spicy, nutty and fruity ingredients, that are sure to keep you toasty warm, and brighten up the darkest winter day.

Pack of Winter TeaWinter Tea is a fabulous blend of China black tea, cloves, orange peel, almonds, walnuts, and natural oils of cinnamon. A selection of pretty flower blooms enlivens the mix, making it an attractive and fragrant infusion.

Pack of Winter Mulled Spice TeaWinter Mulled Spice Tea is a flavoursome mix of high grown black tea combined with cinnamon, cloves and delicate jasmine petals. Its warm, traditional flavour makes it a great alcohol-free alternative to mulled wine.

Pack of Winter Wonderland Rooibos TeaWinter Wonderland Rooibos Tea combines delicious rooibos tea with almond and papaya pieces. Its sweet marzipan notes give it a flavour evocative of festive treats. A great caffeine-free tea that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

Pack of Christmas Cookie Fruit TisaneChristmas Cookie Fruit Tisane is a wonderful rich brew of spicy black tea blended with vibrant orange and sweet cream. A satisfying beverage with far fewer calories than a Christmas cookie!

Whether you'll be socialising with friends or snuggling up at home alone, these teas are a great addition to your winter supplies. Check out our whole range of winter teas for more delicious flavours.