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Healthy Teas for Your January Detox!

Are you looking to treat yourself with a post-Christmas, January detox? Maybe you’ve indulged a bit too much during the festive period and would like to boost your health while being kind to yourself with a delicious tea.

At Tea-Direct, we have teas that you can enjoy while recovering from the Christmas dinner, tackling a stubborn cold or just relaxing in the evening in front of the fireplace.

A tea for tackling a cold…

Sencha Ginger Tea – From £10.99

Revealing lovely, distinct aromas, this soothing, warming Sencha Ginger tea is low in caffeine, contains antioxidants, and is delicious served hot or cold

A tea for indigestion…

Pu Erh Tea – From £10.99
A wholly unique tea that offers pronounced earthy aromas and tastes, Pu Erh is a black tea sourced from the Yunnan region of China.

Pu Erh undergoes post-fermentation and ageing processes during production, which bring out wonderfully rich and intense flavours and character, often making it appreciated in the same way a fine aged wine or whisky may be.

A tea to relax with…

Rooibos Tea – From £10.99

Rooibos is a naturally caffeine-free herbal plant that grows in South Africa. Revealing rounded sweet and fruity flavours, refreshing herbal notes, and a mild and smooth finish, Rooibos can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

A caffeine-free tea that won’t keep you up…

Earl Grey Decaffeinated Tea – From £15.99
Flavoured with the natural oils of bergamot, this strong, black decaffeinated loose leaf tea creates a wonderful Earl Grey, full of delicate notes and a wholly unique aroma.

Our Earl Grey Decaffeinated Tea is naturally decaffeinated using CO2.

A tea for a great night’s sleep…

Chamomile Tea – From £12.99
Drinking chamomile tea is a great way to unwind after the stresses of the day. It provides the perfect night-time refreshment since it is caffeine free, and its soothing properties promote relaxation and help induce sleep. Its powerful calming effects can also be an aid to meditation.

The method of making a cup of tea from dried chamomile flowers depends on personal choice as to the strength required. Between one and four teaspoons of dried chamomile should be steeped in 240mls of freshly boiled water for between 2-5 minutes, or longer according to taste.