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Healthy, Nutritious, Indulgent, Delicious… Fabulous New Teas from The Real Tea Company has just added six sensational new teas to its ever-increasing range. It’s said that variety is the spice of life that gives it all its flavour, and this eclectic mix from The Real Tea Company will surely offer something for every taste.

Pack of Body Boost Herbal TeaBody Boost Herbal Tea is a glorious blend of luxury oolong, white tea, and yerba mate, mixed with citrusy lemon pieces and pretty flower petals, to make a fabulous energising drink.

Pack of Dreams of Islay Black TeaDreams of Islay Black Tea is a blend of luxury black tea and spearmint leaves, that has a smoky, peaty flavour reminiscent of a smooth and elegant Islay whisky, but without the alcohol!

Pack of Dreams of Speyside Black TeaDreams of Speyside Black Tea is a warming brew, made with fine black tea, spearmint leaves and spicy cinnamon pieces, producing flavours with subtle similarities to a great Scottish whisky.

Pack of Bukhial PF Pekoe Fannings Assam Black TeaBukhial PF Pekoe Fannings Assam Black Tea is a luxury Assam tea with a traditional leaf style, that yields a bright, coppery liquor with a wonderful malty taste.

Pack of Christmas Zingalong Herbal TeaChristmas Zingalong Herbal Tea is a refreshing beverage made with luxury green sencha leaves, citrusy lemon and lime pieces and warming spices, to get you in the festive spirit.

Pack of White Christmas TeaWhite Christmas Tea is made with premium white tea blended with a colourful mix of juicy fruits, juniper berries, hibiscus petals and spices, yielding an attractive pale pink infusion with a delicate, sweet aroma, when infused.

So here we have six delicious and diverse new teas, to either try now, or put on the list for later.