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Assam Silver Needle White Tea, Bollywood Dream Chai Tea, luxury black tea, Organic Peach and Grape Tea, white tea -

A Wealth of Fabulous Flavours from The Real Tea Company would like to introduce three interesting newcomers to the collection this week from The Real Tea Company. Each of these teas are unique in their own way, with characteristics ranging from delicate and subtle to bold and lively, and something in-between.

Pack of Assam Silver Needle White TeaAssam Silver Needle White Tea is made from the delicate unopened buds of luxury Assam white tea leaves, cultivated on the prestigious Mancotta Tea Estate. A tea connoisseur's choice, that delights with its honeyed maltiness and subtle floral aftertaste.

Pack of Organic Peach and Grape White TeaOrganic Peach and Grape Black Tea is a fruity blend of luxury black tea with apple pieces, grapes and natural peach flavours. The mix is enlivened by the addition of dainty golden marigold petals. An attractive and aromatic tea to be enjoyed at any time of day.

Pack of Bollywood Dream Chai TeaBollywood Dream Chai Tea is a lively mix of choice black tea with sweet and aromatic spices, chicory roots and invigorating black pepper. If you want to spice up your life, this intense and warming brew will give you the energy and enthusiasm of a Bollywood dancer!

With such a contrast of characteristics and flavour, these three teas must surely offer something for every taste. So which one will you try?