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Apple, autumn, Cranberry, Golden Pear, Peach -

A Harvest of Delicious Fruits from The Real Tea Company

The colourful days and bountiful harvests of autumn are not that far away, so what better time to tell you about three new vibrant and fruity flavours from The Real Tea Company? These wonderful aromatic teas, with their evocative scents and sweetness, perfectly capture the ambience of ripe orchard fruits basking in the afternoon sun.

Pack of Cranberry Apple Riot Fruit TeaCranberry Apple Riot Fruit Tea will tantalise your taste buds with its complementary flavours of sweet apples and blueberries and the slightly tart contrast of cranberries. Hibiscus blossoms and rose hip peel are added to the mix for good measure. A great caffeine-free beverage to drink at any time.

Pack of Golden Pear Fruit TeaGolden Pear Fruit Tea combines pear and apples pieces, fragrant rose blossoms, and vanilla for a delicious natural sweetness. When infused, this attractive mix produces a golden-coloured, aromatic liquor that can be enjoyed hot, or left to cool and chill for a thirst-quenching treat.

Life's a Peach Fruit TeaLife's a Peach Black Tea is made with a full-bodied and flavoursome black Ceylon tea, enlivened with bright blue cornflower petals, yellow safflower, sunflower, and delicate rose blossoms. This colourful blend of petals looks amazing mixed with the black tea, and also gives it a delicious, slightly sweet, peachy flavour.

So, as we contemplate fondly waving goodbye to glorious summer, let's get into the spirit of autumn with these attractive and delicious new teas.