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Our Biodegradable Fill-Your-Own Tea Bags

With our Fill-Your-Own tea bags, you can fill your own bags with any of our delicious loose leaf teas, for a quick and easy brew at any time.

These non-woven fabric bags allow you to make a wonderful, full-flavoured cup of tea, without needing to bring out the teapot – simply add your loose leaf tea to the bag, use the drawstring to seal it and then brew as you usually would with any other tea bag.

As these bags are fully biodegradable, you can dispose of them easily and responsibly with little fuss and no mess. 

Fill Your Own Tea Bags – From £6.99

Available in boxes of 100, 200, 500 and 1,000, our fill-your-own tea bags:

• Are made from natural materials
• Are UV sterilised
• Can be filled with 3-8g tea
• Are made with no chemical additives
• Feature a convenient drawstring
• Measure 7cm x 9cm
• Are 100% biodegradable (including plant-based outer bag)

Pair with Our Bestselling Teas

Lapsang Souchong
Sourced from the beautiful Wuyi Mountain region of China's Fujian Province, this fine black tea has a distinct smoky aroma and taste, created from methods used during the drying process. Leaves are dried over pine wood fires to develop complex woody notes, complementing their natural flavours, and resulting in a delicious, well-balanced and robust tea.

Darjeeling Leaf
Produced in the warm, humid climates of West Bengal, where fresh, clean air imbues the leaves with delightfully floral aromas, Darjeeling Tea Leaf is an excellent, light tea that offers up delicate fruit flavours, which are characterised as Muscatel, in reference to the Muscat variety of grape.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe
Offering up complex flavours, a subtle sweetness and a lovely crisp bitterness, Ceylon Orange Pekoe is well-balanced and can be enjoyed all through the day.
The Orange Pekoe category of tea grade is one of the highest back tea grades available, gaining its renowned status from the characteristic wholeness of the leaves, which are obtained during the first flushes (pickings) of the season.

Assam Leaf
Sourced from the state of Assam in India, the world’s largest tea-growing region, Assam black tea is a full-bodied, strong, malty tea that frequently forms the base of breakfast teas.

Earl Grey
Offering up wonderful, fresh flavours of bergamot, Earl Grey is a delightful large leaf tea that, while typically served as a black tea, is just as enjoyable when served with milk. With flavours derived from oil extracted from the rind of the fragrant bergamot orange, Earl Grey makes for a distinctive, unique and very refreshing tea.