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Bring in Spring with Our Fresh and Vibrant Teas

Enjoy the lighter days and warmer weather with our lovely, fresh and vibrant spring teas. These teas are perfectly suited to the blooming spring season, showcasing delicious flavours and revitalising aromas that are sure to awaken the senses.

Our favourites include light, delicate green teas and aromatic sencha teas that are perfect to enjoy on a spring day.

Green Teas
Green tea undergoes a unique process during production, whereby an additional drying period is included in order to halt the oxidation of the leaves. This process preserves the vibrant green, leafy appearance of the leaves, helps to retain antioxidant levels, and inhibits the development of caffeine. Because of this, green teas are often chosen for their healthy qualities and, as they are low in caffeine, are perfect to enjoy all through the day.

Sencha Teas
Sencha is the most common type of Japanese tea, invented in the 18th century by a tea farmer, Nagatani Soen, who devised a way of drying tea leaves using steam, resulting in leaves that are notably fresh and fragrant, and ideal to enjoy throughout the warm and breezy spring days.

Our Spring Tea Picks

Spring Burst Green Tea – From £9.99
Fresh, vibrant and very refreshing, this China green tea is harvested during the Spring seasons, when the abundant leaves are packed full of vitamins and amino acids. Enjoy this flavoursome and fragrant green tea on those fresh and breezy Spring days.

Sencha Fukujyu Tea – From £14.99
Made from leaves that are plucked in spring and steamed lightly before rolling, this fine green tea produces a lovely deep olive green colour and reveals smooth, slightly sweet flavours. Subtle, mild and refreshing, Japanese Fukuiya Green Tea can be enjoyed all through the day.

Earl Grey Green Tea - £10.99
Flavoured with natural bergamot oil, our Earl Grey Green Tea offers a well-balanced beverage with an intoxicating aroma. Made with a blend of high-quality green tea leaves and oil extracted from the rind of the fragrant bergamot orange, this unique, vibrant and refreshing tea combines the natural freshness of green tea with the bright and zesty flavour of bergamot.

Sencha Japanese Cherry Tea - £10.99
This delicious blend of sencha green tea, rose blossoms and cherry flavouring offers up distinct flavours of deep cherry for a tea that is slightly sweet, fruity and very refreshing, and that can be enjoyed all through the day.

Pinhead Gunpowder Tea - £10.99
Sourced from the Zhejiang Province, Pinhead Gunpowder Tea is made from leaves that are withered, steamed, and hand-rolled into small pellets, which create a wonderfully aromatic tea that is often served with fresh mint.
Produced using the traditional Chinese method and grown in the hills of China's Guangdong province, Pinhead Gunpowder Tea is often considered to be one of the highest quality green teas.